Clynelish 15 Year Old (1997-2013) The Whisky Mercenary has sent me a small lovely looking sample of Clynelish 1997 – 2013. Curiosity is present, right from the moment the package arrived.

  • 564094_10153342933650494_1948085665_nColor: Bright Gold
  • Nose: Sharp, citrus fruit, mandarin, strong, tropical, coconut, green apple antique wax, hints of walnut, salty hints of rocks and grass, white chocolate and homemade peanut butter.
  • Taste: Fruit, citrus, lemon, mandarin, an explosion of green apple and spices. Oily, honey, nuts, grassy and pears
  • Finish: Lovely, nice and medium warm.

This whisky is one that was just like a few others I’ve tasted; a surprise. The nose is so complex. De taste is a bit different, more like a jungle, that comes right at you. An explosion of green apples, right from the tree and salty rain.

Here is some interesting information, you’d like. is a collective of ‘beverage writers’ some of which are well know well. Names such as Dave Crockaert, Jürgen Vromans, Chris Geysen, Glenn Vanbellingen and Stijn Hiers. This group came up with the idea to bring a very limited bottling on the market In collaboration with The Whisky Mercenary (Jürgen Vromans). They bottled 65 bottles at cask strength of Clynelish 1997 (52,2%)

Just Pure, with this whisky. But if you like this one with ice? Just do, just pleasure your taste!


I give this whisky a 9 out of 10.

“Don’t you just love the label?”



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