Catawiki to organise Commemorative Samaroli whisky auction

Praised by worldwide whisky enthusiasts and collectors, Silvano Samaroli, famous italian independent bottler, sadly passed away a few weeks ago, at the age of 77. Created in 1968, Samaroli Srl Wine and Spirits Merchants happened to be the first non-British Independent Scotch whisky bottler.

“While only importing whisky at first, Samaroli is also known as one of the pioneers of cask strength bottlings (1980s) and has now left behind some incredible, collectible and sought-after bottlings”

To honour his memory, online auction house Catawiki has decided to organise the first-ever tribute Samaroli auction with a unique sale going live on the 24th of March at noon and closing on the 30th of March from 8pm CET.

Anne-Sophie Bigot, whisky auctioneer at Catawiki, said « Silvano Samaroli was and remains a truly inspiring whisky figure. I’m sure many of us whisky lovers have a personal love story with one of its whiskies. I can for instance remember having a beautiful 1973 Cask Strength Longrow from Samaroli recently, and it simply blew my mind ! Samaroli really was at the forefront of many trends, if you think about NAS whiskies for example, Samaroli created its « No Age » series back in 1992… »

« We thought about many ways to honour Samaroli’s career & heritage and organising a specific themed auction only dedicated to his work naturally came to mind. Those amazing expressions really deserve an auction of their own and we’re more than proud to make this happen and offer whisky collectors a rare opportunity to buy (or sell) hard-to-find Samaroli expressions! »

Lots for the Samaroli auction can be submitted until Wednesday 22/03/2017 at 23.59 CET

Auction will go live on Friday 24/03/2017 at 12.00 CET

Sources : Catawiki, Samaroli & Scatti Di Gusto



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