Caperdonich in a cradle

I got a sample of the new Caperdonich Whisky from Abbey Whisky. A nice 17yr old specimen. It’s just fantastic, that they asked me to try this “Rare Cask”

I love the way the sample bottle was packed. It gave me a christmas feeling.

Whisky in a cradle, al cozy and warm. I gently picked up the sample, jumped quietly up and down , celebrating that there was no crying…


  • Name: Caperdonich
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Country: Scotland
  • Price per standard amount: € 60,00

First I did some research. It’s a shame really, reading about the demolishing of this distillery. No more whisky, from a distillery that had a turbulent live. I dare to say,I think a lot of people regret that this ever happend. If you could turn back time.

The Caperdonich distillery was a producer of single malt Scotch whisky that operated between 1898 and 1902, and then again between 1965 and 2002. Caperdonich whisky was a component of some blends of Chivas Regal.

  • Color:  Pale, lemon gold
  • Nose: Soft, vanilla, passionfruit, banana (tropical fruit), a spicy layer
  • Taste: Nice and creamy, some fruit, again a bit spicy, peppery
  • Finish: A spirit of christmas in your mouth, great aftertaste

I really like enjoy whisky. And so happy that Abbey Whisky has send me a sample to try and review! To keep it in the christmas spirit, a nice merry aroma and the taste is great. A must have whisky for the winter.

This limited (1st release) edition release was distilled in the year 1995 and left to rest for 17 years. After the 17 years, a long wait, this whisky was bottled in 2012. With only 96 bottles filled, it’s a collectors item.

Be quick and buy bottle of this limited edition before it’s too late! And enjoy a nice dram under the christmas tree or in front of a romantic fireplace with your sweatheart.

Suggestions: just pure or a small drop of water


I give this whisky a 8,5 out of 10.



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