Bruichladdich and a sneaky bear

Just by pronouncing the name, it sounds like an animated movie about a sweet brown bear called Bere Barley.

But, no such thing. This Bere Barley is one of the Bruichladdich Whisky range.

  • Name: Bruichladdich
  • Country: Scotland, Islay
  • Type: Single Malt
  • Price per standard amount: € 45,-

Bruichladdich Bere BarleyIf I close my eyes.. and smell the Whisky, I see a field of yellow flowers near a farm. Just blooming, but through the sun already a bit withered. The farm could be a fruitfarm, with apple trees and pear trees, just embroiled with each other. And there is the sneaky bear, Bere Barley.

Bere Barley is running around like crazy and shouting: “50%, 50%, don’t drink too quickly! Take some time to nose and taste, And take it in you, slowly”.

  • Color: Light golden
  • Nose: Flowers, grain, thinking of yellow flowers, apple, lemon, tingling and a bit of caramel far away, broken branches of a pear tree
  • Taste: Dried yellow fruit, pears, lemon, tingling on the tongue, warm, honey, nuts and hints of oily substance
  • Finish: Short, warm, oily

Suggestions: Just Pure with maybe a drop of water.


I give this whisky an 7,5 out of 10.



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