Black Mountain, a succeeded quest

Black Mountain

You might have heard about Black Mountain, the region of southwestern France. But did you know, this is also the name of a lovely whisky?

Black Mountain is the vision of a whisky distillery to produce large whiskies in the heart of the southwest, scheduled to be built in the year 2018.

The water they use to produce the whisky is flowing from Black Mountain, pure, clear water. This mountain has many springs with optimal possibilities for whisky production. Black Mountain is an adventurous area for there’s plenty to do and to see, you can participate in many activities.

Black Mountain Whisky Excellence BM N°1 (42%)

  • Color: Amber
  • Nose: Honey, hints of different winter spices, grain, green pepper, citrus flavors, banana and fresh grapes
  • Taste: Cereal, honey, citrus, mandarin, lemon, pepperish and silky
  • Finish: Lovely medium warm

This is a warm whisky with a strong character and a rich varied aromatic palate. No need to add water.

Black Mountain has added a new edition to its selection range, a blended smoky expression, also known as Notes Fumées. This expression comes in a stylish black painted bottle, sturdy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Black Mountain Whisky Notes Fumées (45%)

  • Color: Lovely amber
  • Nose: Floral, dried fruit and fresh picked herbs, honey, cinnamon, grapes, toasted bread and vanilla
  • Taste: Light, hints of floral and fresh, dried fruit and a complexity of smokiness
  • Finish: Lovely balanced

A whisky with a pleasant character with lightness and delicate smoky notes that are a true gift for your taste buds. When you add water to this whisky, this whisky gets warmer and more pleasurable, a lovely mouthfeel.

Committed to the needs of future customers, who had a interest for the more peaty and smoky whiskies, they decided to answer their needs in the best possible way. They went on a golden quest to find the best nectar, that would suit their palate.

‘A succeeded quest, whiskies with their own personality.’

If you like to know more about Black Mountain Whisky, the information is just one click away.



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