Birthstone Whisky Angels Mark Fourth Anniversary for Stirling Giftware Firm

Birthstone Angels

Whisky giftware firm Angels’ Share Glass is marking its fourth anniversary with the launch of a series of birthstone angels.

The Stirling-based family company, founded on April 9, 2013, has created a new version of its signature line of whisky-filled glass angels featuring precious gemstone jewels.

The angels are each holding a real gemstone representing months of the year – Diamond for April, Emerald for May and so on.

The firm’s latest innovation was developed by co-founder Karen Somerville. She says: “People have always liked the Angels which are holding something – like the Thistle and the Saltire which represent Scotland. “We had some feedback asking if there was anything else we could use and decided gem stones would be a great fit and look lovely.”

“And with our own fourth birthday coming up it seemed the perfect time to launch a new birthday product!”

“Pre-orders of the Angels are already proving popular as birthday gifts while many – including July’s Ruby and June’s Pearl – will also work for wedding anniversaries.”

Angels’ Share Glass is also marking its fourth anniversary with the start of work on a new glassblowing studio which gets underway later this month. The move follows a successful crowdfunding campaign which saw generous supporters pledge contributions to help the firm raise funds to create the state-of-the-art studio at its headquarters.

Angels’ Share Glass has come a long way since its beginnings as a home-based business run by co-founders Karen and her father, world-renowned glassmaker, Tom Young. It now employs three other staff members plus a host of freelance workers in the glassmaking, marketing and sales industries.

The firm has also won a series of honours including Entrepreneur of the Year for Karen Somerville. And last year it was named Best Micro Business at the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards as well as winning the Most Innovative Product Award for its unique whisky water dropper.

Meanwhile, Tom Young is due to receive an MBE for his services to glassmaking during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in mid-April. Karen says: “We’ve seen phenomenal growth since setting up as a home-run operation four years ago and I’m very proud of everything we’ve achieved since then.

“We’ve gone from a small firm selling one product to a global organisation which sells a host of different gifts to people all over the world. “It’s great that we’re getting the new studio up and running this year as it will mean a lot to us in terms of increasing production and growing the firm further.

“It also means my dad can train up more apprentices who can help keep glassblowing alive in the heart of Scotland.”

Karen and Tom established the firm after capturing the spirit of a whisky producers’ legend, known as the Angels’ Share, through the creation of handmade glass angels.

The myth claims the small volume of whisky lost to evaporation while it matures is taken away by angels. And in tribute to that legend, the glass angels are filled and sealed with 30ml of single malt – a measure of the Angels’ Share – in a secret process.

In the past four years, the firm has gone from strength to strength expanding its giftware range and exporting to retailers and online customers all over the world.

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Source: Angels’ Share Glass



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