Benromach Whisky, Sassicaia

Benromach Sassicaia, a wonderful and elegant dram. Just like whispering the name, Sassicaia.

And when you do, close your eyes, say Sassicaia with a soft voice and I assure you, a beautiful man (or woman) will come up running with beautiful red and curly hair, lovely. And to make this completely perfect, be sure you have some music of Enya turned on in the background.

Don’t ask me why, but this is an amazing combination.

The tastingnotes:

  • Color: Ruby red
  • Nose: Toffee, vanilla, ginger, sweetness, hints of red fruit, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, sweet apples and small pieces of wet cinnamon in a subtile way.
  • Taste: Peppery, cinnamon and a complexity of red fruit what has been mixed in a blender where banana has been added, honey and chocolate.
  • Finish: Very warm, lovely and smooth.

Like the bottles of Benromach with the neck an shoulder that resembles the shape of Benromach stills, Sassicaia is an elegant whisky with a warm and smooth finish.

This beautiful Benromach wood finish is matured in first fill bourbon barrels, followed by 28 months in Sassicaia casks from the fashionable wine-producing region of Bolgheri in Tuscany, Italy.

´Only a limited release of 7783 bottles will be available´

Suggestions: Add a drop of water (or 2) will give you a more aromatic experience for the nose and a mouthwatering feeling, lovely.

Grade: 8,5 out of 10



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