Benromach, two bottled friends

IMG_20150710_170518696A while ago I received two samples with whisky from the Benromach Distillery. It took a while before nosing and tasting these two friends! But finally I found some time to enjoy these two buddies. Two best friends forever.

The 10 yr old buddy, I tasted and shared the tasting notes before. I have tom admit that they are mostly the same when it was before, but with a small difference! The 15 yr old buddy however, completely new! Exciting isn’t it.

The 10 yr old has a beautiful character! Well balanced and perfect for the summer! Enjoy this whisky in the garden while sitting on a blue beanbag.

10 yr

  • Color: Sunset gold
  • Nose: Sharp touch, pepper, summer-breeze with hints of flowers growing near the sea. exotic fruit, salad leafs and a presence of wood and ripe cucumber
  • Taste: A bit oily, bubble gum with berry flavor, pepper, plum, mango, exotic and again the lovely flowers from the sea
  • Finish: Medium warm with woody hints

And the suggestion I gave before? No drop? Change that in 2 drops! The aroma will be so much smoother! Brings the summer in you.

15 yr

The 15 yr old was matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks. An elegant whisky.

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Ginger, mint-leafs, sherry, smashed red fruit, vanilla, citrus-fruit mixed with caramel
  • Taste: Cookies filled with soft red fruit, plum, oak, a lot of citrus, milk chocolate covered with red apple
  • Finish: Medium warm with chocolate hints.

“These two are whiskies with a female character”

Suggestions: Pure like a woman…. but 3 drops of water gives this whisky an awesome aroma.

Enjoy the summer!



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