Benromach 10yr, 15yr and the 20th-anniversary bottling

Benromach is a Speyside distillery founded by Duncan McCallum and F.W. Brickman in 1898 and currently owned and run by Gordon and Macphail of Elgin. This piece is dedicated to the whisky we’ve tasted on the evening on Monday 30th of April. An online tasting with a taste of adventure.

A Monday evening, like no other. With a lot of laughter, serious moments, old friends and new discoveries of Scotch Whisky from the Speyside area.

In the past, I enjoyed the 10yr and the 15yr, but its always a new tasting adventure and there is always something new to discover with the nosing, in the palate and even in the finish. And it surprised me, again.

Benromach is handcrafted using only traditional methods. There are no computers or even pressure gauges used in the process. Experts manage the entire process by how the developing spirit looks, sounds, feels and by its aroma.

Benromach 10yr – 43%

  • Color: Sunset Gold
  • Nose: Lovely sharp, sweet peppers, rich field of flowers growing near the sea. Oak, sultana’s, red fruit, toffee, stroopwafels and an explosion of apples, pears and a subtle hint of cucumber
  • Taste: The palate is a bit oily, exotic and again the bed of flowers from the sea, salty edge, very rich and a lot to discover. A bit dry, but it lingers lovely through the mouth and when hitting the cheeks
  • Finish: Medium warm with woody hints.

Benromach 15yr – 43%

  • Color: Amber gold
  • Nose: Oranges, mint-leafs, sherry, smashed red fruit, vanilla, citrus-fruit mixed with toffee, sultana’s, red fruit, sweet and hints of smoke, orange filled chocolate cookies, jaffa cakes and burned wood
  • Taste: Cookies filled with soft oranges, peach, oak, a lot of citruses, milk chocolate covered with red apple juice, creamy, nuts, sultana’s, also a hint of coffee, bitterness and pure dark chocolate
  • Finish: The finish comes with some lovely warm with subtle hints of quality chocolate

The 15 yr old was matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks. An elegant whisky.

Benromach 20th-anniversary bottling – 56,2%

  • Color: Sweet gold
  • Nose: Lovely on the nose, hints of spice and sweetness at the same time. liquorice, peach, strawberries, honeysuckle, brown sugar with a squeeze of pears
  • Taste: citrus, oranges, fresh, spicy and a complexity of the grocer and the fruit department, walnuts, white chocolate, hints of cream and very warm oily edge
  • Finish: A complex delight a party for the cheeks

* Add a drop of water and it opens up, lovely.

Desired by many, owned by few, this limited edition 20th-anniversary bottling of Benromach Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky celebrates 20 years of distilling at Benromach. A very festive whisky indeed. Benromach 20th Anniversary Bottling was distilled in the first year of the distillery reopening after it was refurbished and re-opened in 1998.

Curious about future online tastings? Visit The Whisky Wire for more information and sign up. And if you wish to read more about this tasting, visit Twitter.



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