Balblair, colorful highland whisky

Balblair Highland Whisky

Balblair Highland Whisky

Balblair, vintages timed to perfection. This is a quote that can be found on their website, not to miss and I couldn’t agree more. They make perfection and the good news is, there is perfection to be found for everyone.

For each person, a color of their taste. Maybe you are more a green person than a blue one. Or you are a pink person for life.

Everything is possible with the colorful Balblair whisky range.

Balblair Distillery, located in Edderton is established in the year 1790 by a local man, called John Ross and it is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. In all these years and events, the Allt Dearg is still the original water source of the distillery.

The Tasting Notes:

Balblair 2005 vintage

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Honey, citrus fruit, lime, green apples, fresh, light, vanilla and honey
  • Taste: Sweet toffee, apples, honey, spicy and hints of warm grapefruit and freshness
  • Finish: Lovely warm and long

(This first release of vintage 2005 is light, sparkling gold in appearance)

Balblair 1999 vintage

  • Color: Copper gold
  • Nose: Red fruit, green apples, mandarin, oranges, vanilla, cakemix, toffee, hints of lemon and warm honey
  • Taste: Full, spicy, sweet, a combination of green and red apples, honey, toffee and floral
  • Finish: Nice, sweet and a bit spicy

(This first release of Balblair 1999 is copper bronze in appearance)

Balblair 1990 vintage

  • Color: Warm gold
  • Nose: Toffee, citrus, chocolate, honey, vanilla, red fruit, strawberries, blue berries and small hints cinnamon
  • Taste: Warm chocolate, honey, red and warm fruit, sultana’s, spicy and hints of smashed strawberries and citrus
  • Finish: Full bodied and long

(This second release of Balblair 1990 is deep copper in appearance with hints of sparkling amber)

Suggestions: If you like the aroma to be a bit deeper, add a drop of water. Or two if you please, this gives it so much to enjoy. But also pure, an indulgence.

Balblair Highland Whisky

Balblair Highland Whisky

Balblair is a Highland whisky that should be in your whiskycabinet, for you to enjoy and for your quests. When you go to their website, you can also create your own flavour wheel, linked to their whisky. A recommendation for sure.

Balblair, gives your life a rainbow



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