Ardbeg 10 yr old, a peaty whisky

Ardbeg 10 yr

For the peat lovers among us, this classic Islay whisky is a must to try. Ardbeg says to be the most peaty Islay whisky, that saying, makes you curious, doesn’t it.

Ardbeg was founded in the year 1815 and is a peaty, smoky Islay malt whisky. The water from the distillery is coming from Loch Uigeadail, pronounced oog-a-dal.

When you never had the chance to try a peat whisky, I would sure recommend this one, definitely. Looks standard, but makes you shiver every time.

Ardbeg 10 year (46%), non-chill filtered, is a well balanced whisky, that deserves to have a place in the front row in your whisky cabinet. After one sip, a true love will develop for this unique and amazing whisky. You will at least appreciate this one for the peat and the natural sweetness that is hiding.

  • Color: Light gold
  • Nose: Vanilla, citrus, lemon, warm dark chocolate, peat, smoky, licorice, hints of tobacco, cinnamon and coffee leafs
  • Taste: Lemon, vanilla, lime, smoky, a complexity of sweetness, ripe bananas, raisins and an earthy, salty background
  • Finish: Warm and interesting sweet

When you have doubts, don’t worry. Just lay back on your favorite chair, relax, close your eyes and let your body and mind do the rest. Sláinte.

‘A perfect dram for every season’

Suggestions: Add a couple drops of water and you will be amazed with the sweet aroma and flavor that has been hiding. Recommendable with and without water though.

Grade: 8 out of 10

Curious? Visit Ardbeg.



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