An evening with Tamdhu

An online live tasting via Facebook from the Tamdhu Distillery, a lovely place. Held in a cold room, and people getting warm while listening and drinking the whisky. With Sandy & Gorden talking us through the range, this day had to offer.

Together with people in the distillery and online, it was one big adventure with some new experiences.

Multitasking it was for this tasting, one screen to tweet and another screen to see the live tasting via Facebook. It was a blast to do this a wee bit different than normal and to see the enthusiasm in “real life”. Let’s get to the notes of the whisky, we all enjoyed.

The wood matures the whisky.

Tamdhu 10 yr – 40%

  • Color: Sunrise golden
  • Nose: Chocolate filled with oranges, citrus, traces of caramel, toffee, pecans red fruit and a small hint of honey
  • Taste: Lovely, gentle. Chocolate cakes filled with oranges, traces of caramel, toffee, sweet honey, citrus and a smoky touch.
  • Finish: Medium smooth

Tamdhu 10yr was the brands first release under the ownership of Ian Macleod Distillers, who bought the distillery back in 2011

Tamdhu Batch Strength 003 – 58.3%

  • Color: Lovely
  • Nose: sweet, red fruit, strawberries, vanilla, sweet honey, caramel, spicy, mandarin and hint of grapefruit and oranges.
  • Taste: Vanilla, caramel, sweetness, raspberries, wild berries, lemon peel, nuts, smooth and oily
  • Finish: Nice smooth and long.

This whisky has no age. Tamdhu Batch Strength 003: Matured exclusively in sherry casks (majority first-fill) and bottled un-chill-filtered at natural colour

Tamdhu, Mystery Bottle? = Dalbeallie Dram – 62.1%

  • Color: Sweet amber
  • Nose: Rich, oak, raisins, dark chocolate, hints of leather, toffee, sweet, red fruit, cherries, warm, apricots and less high in volume then I thought
  • Taste: A complexity of a lot of spices, lovely warm, red fruit and with a tropical edge and toffee pudding stickiness
  • Finish: Longer finish

The Tamdhu Dalbeallie Dram is not overpowering with the high percentage. This whisky was created to honour Dalbeallie train station and the vital role the Victorian railway played in transporting. Further limited-edition Dalbeallie Dram bottlings, as part of a new Collectors Journey series, are planned for release annually at each Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

Tamdhu Single Cask Distillery Team Edition – 59.3

  • Color: Dark gold
  • Nose: Liquorice, fresh, sweet, fudge, anise, kitkats 😏 Chocolate that covers raisins and what is covered with honey. Red apples, pears, prunes and a lot of red fruit influences and hints of raspberries
  • Taste: sherry notes, spicy, strawberries, sweetness, oily, black currants, honey, custard, brown sugar, peppermints and a slice of lemon too.
  • Finish: Lovely, tingling and sweet

Tamdhu Single Cask Distillery Team Edition: Matured in a first-fill European oak sherry butt and limited to just 603 bottles. Carefully selected by the 15-strong distillery team, the Tamdhu Whisky Single Cask Distillery Team Edition is bottled un-chill-filtered at cask strength, with a striking color, not far from black. 

Curious about future online tastings? Visit The Whisky Wire for more information and sign up. And if you wish to read more about this tasting, visit Twitter.



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