Aberfeldy, 12 Years

Aberfeldy 12 Years, it has been a while since I had a glass of this whisky. Lucky for you I wrote down the tasting notes for myself to share with the world. Aberfeldy has a great range of whisky and this 12 year old lad is one of them.

I wrote down in the tasting notes:

“While pouring the whisky in the Glencairn glass, you could smell the tropics. The birds playing in the garden, looking for food and chirping with joy. That is how I felt, chirping with joy”.

The Aberfeldy distillery is owned by the brothers Dewar. Aberfeldy is located in the northeast of the city with the same in the southern highlands. And this distillery is Scotland’s most exciting and innovative Scotch whisky distillery and brand home, combines tradition with the latest interactive technology to tell the story of the Dewar family (from visitscotland.com)

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: Deep gold
  • Nose: Vanilla, red fruit, sweet honey, sweet pineapple, mango with hints or sticky toffee and breakfast cereal.
  • Taste: Vanilla, honey mixed with caramel, sultana’s, malty, creamy, complexity of oily and sherry influences
  • Finish: Warm, oily and slightly smoky

Shared this lovely poem of Robert Burns in an earlier review, but still one of my favorites. So enjoy.

The Birks of Aberfeldy

Chorus.-Bonie lassie, will ye go
Will ye go, will ye go,
Bonie lassie, will ye go
To the birks of Aberfeldy!

Now Simmer blinks on flowery braes,
And o’er the crystal streamlets plays;
Come let us spend the lightsome days,
In the birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

While o’er their heads the hazels hing,
The little birdies blythely sing,
Or lightly flit on wanton wing,
In the birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

The braes ascend like lofty wa’s,
The foaming stream deep-roaring fa’s,
O’erhung wi’ fragrant spreading shaws-
The birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

The hoary cliffs are crown’d wi’ flowers,
White o’er the linns the burnie pours,
And rising, weets wi’ misty showers
The birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

Let Fortune’s gifts at randoe flee,
They ne’er shall draw a wish frae me;
Supremely blest wi’ love and thee,
In the birks of Aberfeldy.
Bonie lassie, &c.

Suggestions: No water needed, just straight from the bottle
Grade: 8 out of 10



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