A stunning 12 year-old blend from Hibiki

This is what I heard about this whiskey ….that the Hibiki 12 year-old blend is stunning and a must be tasted… Another one from my mystery package…  I like the name, sounds like a little bird singing Hibiki hibiki…. A colorful bird, sitting on your head and making a nest.It’s name means echo or resonance in Japanese.

I never had this one before, so I was very curious. Will this whiskey fly away while tasting of will is float. I wonder how it pleases me….

  • Name: Hibiki
  • Country: Japan
  • Type: Blend
  • Price per standard amount:€ 64,95
Just love it… with smelling this whisky, you are in Japan, surrounded by Japanese maples… beautiful colored. Being in your self.. positively. Smell and inhale .. repeat this a few times. And it will feel like a wide dress with a sigh of with wind. Something you should know… Torawo torunara torawo toru yori toriwo tore, toriwa otorini torawo tore means: Do you want to catch a tiger, then catch a bird instead of a tiger. Use the bird to catch the tiger.

That is wisdom!

  • Color: Soft dark gold
  • Nose: Fruity aromas of raspberry, pineapple, honey and plums with hints of honeysuckle and fresh nougat.
  • Taste: soft fruit aromas with sweet, creamy tones and not too heavy tones of clove and pepper.
  • Finish is long, pure, harmonious with recurrent aromas of fruit and rich spicy notes.


Suggestions: Just Pure…. or small drops of water.


I give this whisky an 8 out of 10.



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3 thoughts on “A stunning 12 year-old blend from Hibiki

    • Tried this at an airport dperature lounge as a sample and it stopped me in my tracks. Like no other whiskey I’ve tasted. Blends flavour elements that I’ve never tasted together before, it is not like Scotch or Irish as far as I’m concerned and shouldn’t be too closely compared, it stands alone. My brow has never been so furrowed by a whiskey before and yet I really enjoyed the experience. Unusual, intriguing and ultimately beguiling.

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