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An evening with remarkable whiskies. That Boutique-y Whisky Company is an independent bottler which offers stunning whiskies from world-renowned brands and distilleries. This evening I had the pleasure to try 5 of them, online with other whisky enthusiasts. The foreplay towards this evening was tough, very tough.

This was an amazing evening and with great hosts. As ever, we all had a lot of fun while nosing and tasting the fantastic five.

For every whisky, there was a matching card. I just love the style of these cards, the drawings and the way they are designed. This is like a line of the brand, all is well thought off and well combined. Hard not to love.

Loch Lomond 19 yr (49,7%)

  • Color: Pale straw
  • Nose: Lovely sweet, coconut, mango, ice-cream, fudge, honey and pineapple for sure
  • Taste: warm, tingling, home made cake, chocolate and custard, caramel, honey, chocolate, milky and spicy
  • Finish: Spicy and lingering, fabulous. Different than the nose did predict

(limited to just 267 bottles)

Secret Distillery 15 yr (Glenmorangie) (51%)

  • Color: Polished mahogany
  • Nose: Cinnamon, cacao, chocolate, red fruit, raspberry for sure and a complexity of poached pears
  • Taste: Red fruit, anise an explosion, right in my mouth!  Marzipan, summer, cinnamon, fennel
  • Finish: Lovely, warm

(limited to just 124 bottles)

This was the first secret dram. There were hints to find out the matching distillery. I thought this would be one from Edradour, looking at the polished mahogany color. But no, this whisky was a beauty from Glenmorangie, lovely.

Mortlach 18 yr (48,9%)

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Caramel, sweet, salty chips, candy, stewed apples, strawberries, lychees and very salty on the nose
  • Taste: Salty, chocolate, creamy, spicy, salty, stewed apples and raspberry
  • Finish: Lovely and smooth

(limited to just 363 bottles)

Glenrothes 25 yr (49,7%)

  • Color: Pale gold
  • Nose: Tropical, pear, sweetness, coconut juice, pineapple
  • Taste: Citrus, mandarin, honey, floral, roses, coconut, mango, tropical hints, raspberry, peach, complexity of fresh and sweet macaroon’s.
  • Finish: Fruity and strong

(limited to just 139 bottles)

Irish Single Malt 24 yr (Midleton) (46,8%)

  • Color: Corn gold
  • Nose: Peach, ripe apple, smashed banana, citrus and strong
  • Taste: Lemon, lime, plums, mandarin, warmth, papaya, kiwi,very tropical,  sugar, cinnamon, tropical banana and very rich with peach, grapefruit and citrus
  • Finish:Lovely and stunning

(limited to just 264 bottles)

This was the second secret dram, and an Irish one too and I do love Irish Whiskey. This is a lovely one, like written on one of the cards that came with the parcel. It was a hard one, also distracted by other tweeters, but Midleton was the lucky whiskey and the one that completed this evening.

Suggestion for all: No water needed, straight from the bottle in the glass.

Thank you Steve Rush from The Whisky Wire and the gang at the That Boutique-y Whisky Company for an amazing evening. I have slept like a sleeping beauty and woke up with a smile the next morning.



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