A Canadian Whisky Trip

Four lovely bottles of whisky came along with a book from Davin De Kergommeau,  a book about Canadian whisky. There was this whole plan, to nose and taste the whisky and read the book! A fantastic idea.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it all the dates. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the book, with the company of some Canadian whisky. And looked for the twittertag #DavinTT2, every now and then. That’s just me just being a bit curious. But I tasted every whisky and love to share my nosing and tasting notes in a nutshell.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.39.29 AM

1. Canadian Club Small Batch Sherry Cask (41.3%)


  • Color: Copper gold
  • Nose: Soft, rich, fruity, mellow, toffee, caramel, hazelnuts, sweet and sticky pie
  • Taste: Sweet, fruity, coffee, dark Chocolate, nuts, woody, dried apple crumbles and sticky on the tongue
  • Finish: Medium, sticky dry and a bit intriguing


 2. Wiser’s Red Letter Rye (45%)

  • IMG_0290Color: Apple gold
  • Nose: Cereal, hot corn, complexity of caramel, vanilla and ginger sweetness, woody
  • Taste: Caramel, vanilla, hot spices, hints of soft butterscotch, sticky cream and traces of chopped mint
  • Finish: Medium, pepperish


3. Alberta Premium 100% rye

  • IMG_0295Color: Dark gold
  • Nose: Dark, flowers, potpourri, old papers, chopped banana chips, hints of oak and grass
  • Taste: Spicy, pepperish, oak, chopped dark chocolate mixed with nuts, honey with nice, warm and fresh grass
  • Finish: Medium, oaky and smooth


IMG_03004. Forty Creek Heart of Gold

  • Color: Toasty gold
  • Nose: Sweet, pepperish, dark, strong, mint and creamy, sultana’s spices and a complexity of
  • Taste: Heavy, spicy, strong and straight to the head.
  • Finish: Long, strong and dark.

The review of the book” Canadian Whisky” written by Davin de Kergommeaux will be published soon! When my time is right … 😀

Thank you Johanne mcinnis, for thinking of me! x



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