5 single malts to try to know your whisky

Washed, dried, powdered, fermented, and distilled; each bottle of whisky is perfected to make each sip an indelible moment. Whiskies are of many kinds, based on the base product, alcoholic content and quality.  Malt, grain, single malt, blended malt, cask, single cask etc. roughly make up the whisky family.

Whisky has been in the world for a long time, precisely from the second century BC. It is first believed to have brewed in Mesopotamia. The art of distillation spread to Ireland and Scotland in about the fifteenth century but this was used for medicinal purposes. Even in medieval India, alcohol was reported to be used as an anaesthetic for surgical purposes.  Even though it was considered a taboo to consume alcohol in the Britain and other parts of Europe, it was finally James IV of Scotland who broke the ice by ordering several gallons of whisky from the monasteries, who monopolised the art of distilling. But with the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VII, distilling and whisky making moved to homes. Even then whiskies were not allowed to age and thus had a bitter taste.  Finally in the year of 1606, the Bushmill old distillery was given the license to brew the Irish whisky and the distillation later evolved into a much sought out fashion and whiskies became a daily business with the Act of Union which officially brought forth the United Kingdom.

The Single malt

The single malt or better known as the holy grail of whiskies is a must taste for all.  Generally speaking, single malts have been prepared with (as the name suggests) just one exclusive malt while the blended ones are more of a blend of different single malt whiskies from various distilleries. Thus the single malt has a very distinct flavour while this is lost in case of blended malt. A blended whisky is what one can opt for when one is out for some smoothness, but single malt shall be ones mate if he is interested in enjoying a solo performance. Moreover, single malt whisky is reported to have many health benefits like lower risk if dementia, stroke and heart problems, but as popular knowledge, only if ingested in small and moderate units.

Whisky is the all-time favorite alcoholic beverage of Indians. With consumers for 48% of the total whisky produced, India is in the top 5 markets of Glenfiddich, preceded by USA, France etc.

Single malt recommends

Old is gold, especially in the case of alcoholic beverages. So while considering any such drinks, let it be whisky or rum or any such ones, always keep in mind that the more it is aged, the much better it would be.

  • Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich is a must try for all whisky beginners and lovers. Glenfiddich comes aged at 15 to 50 years and owns the last family distillery in the world. One is guaranteed that all of them are pure heaven, as per popular vote and expert opinion. Established in the 1876, Glenfiddich is the most awarded single malt in the world with its latest distillery edition and vintage edition making the entire whisky experience an evergreen one in the minds of whisky lovers.

  • Glenlivet

This is yet another whisky experience one must try. One among the whisky giants of the world, Glenlivet also specialises in coming up with new recipes with their single malts, making them the most sought out one in the market. The espresso martini and the whisky and tea series of Glenlivet has been gifting the consumers with special experiences, all thanks to George Smith, the craftsman of this heaven in bottles.

  • Glenmorangie Signet

One ceases to be a whisky lover if Glenmorangie Signet has not yet touched his palate. Can be called a dream in glass, Glenmorangie is known for its sweet and syrupy taste which leaves the taster in an unknown land of absolute happiness. The art of extra maturation and then transferring the spirit to ex- cask cases help diffuse different layers of flavour into the whisky, creating a rainbow of flavour in the tasters palate.

  • Bowmore

With whiskys aged 12 years and up, Bowmore has been serving the world with top class whiskys since 1779. The 12 year old honey with lime and 15 year old chocolate raisins brings about ecstasy and one is sure to be speechless when it comes to the limited edition travellers special.

  • Auchentoshan Valinch

This with its remarkable smoothness and richness with a kick, is reported to be the only triple distilled single malt whiskey. Citrus, honey, crème brulee and roasted nuts, Auchentoshan Valinch can be called light and sweet yet rich manna.  Stored in bourbon casks for aging, one should never miss this remarkable piece of art carefully stored in a bottle.

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Make sure that you never leave without a sip of this great art in bottle.

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