2013, a look back

2013 has been amazing. A lot has happened this year. To much to put into the right words. A lot has happened this past year, happenings that made me smile, gave me goosebumps and giving me tears of joy and sadness.

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  • A year of festivals
  • A year of great adventures
  • A year of opportunities
  • A year of whisky
  • A year of whiskey
  • A year of writing
  • A year of being someones shoulder
  • A year of trust
  • A year of meeting new people
  • A year of love
  • A year of friendship
  • A year of happiness
  • A year of traveling
  • A year of visiting Scotland
  • A year of missing some great events
  • A year of tasting new whisky
  • A year of new idea’s
  • A year of organizing whisky tastings
  • A year of Whisky Woman
  • A year of books
  • A year of tasting Vodka
  • A year the new Dr Who was introduced
  • A year the announcement Sherlock was coming back
  • A year of laugher
  • A year of new friendships
  • A year of bonding
  • A year of saying goodbye to people we loved
  • A year of new recipes
  • A year of new trends
  • A year with so much more
  • A year with new insights
  • A year that I quit putting sugar in my coffee
  • A year with it’s ups and downs I will never forget …..
  • A year saying goodbye and looking towards a new year:  2014
  • Another fantastic year with Whiskygirl
  • ……

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