Are you looking for advertising opportunities to promote your shop, website or anything else, which are related with whisky?

Is there a festival, a release of a new whisky, an interesting price for a trip to Scotland or maybe a special offer in your shop, people should know about?

Are you interested to spread your news across the world? Every first friday of the month our newsletter will be released.

Every first Friday of the month it’s #ff. This means, that someone will be in the picture! ..
Do you know someone  in the wonderful whisky world ? Let me know, and maybe that someone will be in the Newsletter spotlight.


Do not be shy, feel free and send us a message for our small price advertising possibilities*

*small price, a wide reach!

Date of release:




  • January 10 Click
  • February 7
  • March 7
  • April 4

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  1. Hello there, Can you please send me your newsletters in the future. Seems really interesting for me to read it.

    Best Regards.

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