Bowmore Small Batch & Glenfiddich Millennium Vintage 2012 tasting notes


A while ago, I was talking to Femke Tijtsma Sijtsma, one of the rare whisky women in my list of contacts. I don’t mean to be degrading or so, it’s just a fact that for some or other reason, women are a rarity in the whisky world.

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The Benromach Vintage 1976

_DSC0361You are probably very curious about the vintage after reading about the Benromach 10 yr.  I was born in the year 1979 and consider myself vintage. Flipping the 9 and you get 1976.

1976 is the year, Apple Computer Company is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne and 1976 is the year Sony brings the Betamax cassette on the market ….

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Morning Glory Fizz

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.24.07 PMThis drink was to be consumed early in the morning as a ‘liv-en-er’ enjoyed best when made immediately after the fresh citrus has been squeezed for best effects.

This is for me a Summer Cocktail. I’m always up early. Thanks to the birds and the sun ( when she’s shining) in the bedroom on my face.

Here is a recipe that will bring the summer to you!

Glass: Highball

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Cameronbridge 30 yr

P1210698I received a sample bottle of Cameronbridge 30 Year Old Scottish Whisky from Ursula, my Swedish friend. She know’s what I love! Thank you!

Reading the handwritten label,  It tells me it’s a grain whisky, Single Cask and 51,2%.

I have to admit that I used google to find some information about the distillery and found some that might interest you ( the reader ) as well .

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The challenge of a Glen Garioch Drambassador


There was a search for 20 Glen Garioch Drambassadors who would love the opportunity to receive and review an exclusive new mystery dram, ahead of release!

Many bloggers have send their interest and 20 Glen Garioch Drambassadors were selected and were informed through mail.

Not long ago I received the package from Glen Garioch with a lovely content. A small bottle of whisky, a small jar of jam and a large piece of dark chocolate. Oh and let’s not forget about the letter with clues.

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